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What makes some Guitars so Expensive than Others?

What makes some acoustic guitars so expensive? In this article, I hope you can get the answer.

First, we have to define that guitars are not item which mass-produced as phones, cars, or television, etc. They are really work of art that created by craftsmanship of artisans. That why we are hard to determine the exact its worth. However, I try to find out some main factors that effected to values of guitars for you. I will sort guitars out as below:

  • Level A: That is perfect guitar.
  • Level B: This is best guitar.
  • Level C: It is good acoustic guitars with cheap price.

The price in each of level is so different in different places, for instance with the same level A guitar but the price at Japan is just $500 but at USA is $2000. So why? It is very simple because in that level A you would be pay more for some “intangible values” such as brand belief, service, warranty, guaranty and so on.

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Now, I show you some main factors effect to value of your guitar.


The woods are most easy to determine and measure its value in many factors of manufacture guitar.

Woods for Topside:

According quality of wood, we have (personal classification) :

  • Level A1: quality is relatively good, wood grain/ texture is not too large (young woods), less irregular texture patches.
  • Level A2: that hasn’t got any knot woods across wood grain/ texture, the grain of the wood is parallel.
  • Level A3: it hasn’t got any knot woods, the grain of the wood is parallel and are aligned.

In addition, there are many special wood have A4, A5 that is perfect woods. Of course, there are some guitars which has topside wood is low quality than A1.

The popular woods for topside are: Spruce, Cedar

Woods for Back and Side:

The woods for back and side have to harder woods for Topside. The popular woods to used:

  • Mahogany: the price is cheap
  • Indian Rosewood: it is a standard wood for back and side, the price is expensive.
  • Maple: give a special tone, the price is higher rosewoods.

The guitar with level A that have to get level A3 of wood and using premium woods as India Rosewood, Maple…


When you are concerned with woods, you just get about 30% quality of guitar. With just 30%, it like “cooking ingredient” and last 70% will depend on the way that you “cook”.

The workers who made guitars called artisans. Each artisan has special ways to produce guitars. Their feelings, experiences, technical skills will provide real value bigger than value of woods.

The level A3 of woods become perfect guitar when it is in artisan’s hands because only artisans understand and change A3 materials become masterpiece level A3.


The brand sometimes is a guarantee for value of guitar, it is hard to measured, but remember a guitar not only an item but also a works of art. As you known works of art always associated with famous brands.

Don’t be confused that just Yamaha, Fender, Taylor, Epiphone, etc called “BRANDING” because there are many guitar with personal branding in the world which has the price is higher than guitars of Yamaha, Fender, Taylor… Sometimes the value of guitars is not out of proportion to their famous branding.

When you decide to purchase a guitar, you not just get a real quality guitar but also get guarantee of branding with its prestige, heart and quality put in to every works of art.

Most of guitars with level A are always associated with famous brands or it is a works of art of artisan who put all their heart into it.

Technology for Manufacturing

This is a indispensable part of making guitars, if you have best woods and best skilled craftsman but the tools set of craftsman is only had the bare minimum of equipment, I’m sure that you just only get a guitar with level B.

However, when we called man who making guitars is craftsman that meant they have all best tools, best equipments and best technology for manufacture high quality guitars, if they are not, they just called skilled-workers.


You maybe have to spend a little of money for the services that you get when buying guitar. That is assurance have really put your mind at rest.


If you want to buy and looking for a guitar with the price under $100, you will have a guitar with level C. That is all because you can’t get a high quality guitars with that budget.

The guitar not just a device produce sounds but also a real works of art!